MAD Talks Events and Services are all about ‘Making A Difference’ for all audiences.

We capture and curate content, we moderate and lead some of the signature events in the region and we deliver high impact presentation and keynotes to diverse audiences. The MAD Talks channel ( ) help to capture and distribute in various markets.

We focus on the future, innovation, entrepreneurship and the youth. With the tsunami of transformation, we need 10x thinkers, game-changers and the MAD ones to bring about change globally. These are the people we capture on MAD Talks.

Our MAD Talks Studio is very experienced in full production and post-production, event coverage, editing, animating your event content and even bringing in experiential components customized to your objectives.

Contact us. Be a part of creating MAD Talks Events & Services. We are genuinely “Making A Difference” in business and in life!

This is one of our signature events and captures the essence of who we are as a company. It has many talks, experiences, diversity, surprises and always learning and insights about the future.

This is a festival and celebration of great concepts “worth doing” and making a difference in the world.

We capture and curate all the talks and experiences on podcasts and you will find them on . These talks are also distributed across all social media and the speakers also socialize them.

MAD Talks Day is being exported to many countries in the world. You will see some coming through from Turkey, Pakistan, Kenya, Canada, Bahrain, and others in the coming months.

Our schedule of events and activities is constantly updated. Please follow us here.


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JAN - JUNE 2018


MAD Channel

JAN - JUNE 2018

We provide many high impact learning and development services, both directly and through our selected “best in class” global partners. These include;

Group Activities

1. 10x thinking and breakthrough projects execution ( all things “Future” & innovation)
2. Communication, presentation and media skills
3. From leaders today to great digital leaders tomorrow
4. Personalized coaching and development, especially at c-level.

Board & Executive team level activities

5. Developing “future leaders” boards, top-level interventions & execution of complex projects
6. Sitting on boards and executive teams as outside expert, for independent feedback and support
7. Customizing, packaging and communicating complex and futuristic ideas and projects in a creative and impactful way.
8. Introducing international companies, strategic products, and high-quality services, utilizing our network, access to VC’s and key government and non-government organization.

This is one of our specialist areas and we are considered one of the “TOP” providers in the market.

Keynotes and Speeches

Tariq provides this directly, regionally and globally and the highest level. He is a renowned “Futurist” and media and business professional.

MAD Talks regularly brings in global thought leaders and absolute experts in their fields and teams up with them to deliver the best solutions for the client.

So, you get the best of the best, individually and as team performances.
Some of our recent clients include Accor Group, Four Seasons, HTNG, Nestle, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Federal Association of Human Resources, KPMG, EY, Etisalat, Batelco, Emirates, OSN, to name a few.

Chairing & Moderating

We are regularly invited to these major events and is considered one of our special offerings.

These include Harvard Business School annual conferences, Ministry of Finance Innovation debates, Naseba conferences, STEP and many others.

Specialist Motivational Presentations and activations

We have done these on a customized basis for several clients. With Etisalat, we did a series on “Happiness & Positivity”.

With MBC we trained and coach their finalists for a pitching competition. With NLCS & Hartland Schools were are supporting their “future of learning” agenda.

We have access to design thinking and production teams so we are able to deliver top class activations and captured in digital platforms.

Introducing CEO Profiles, an intriguing video profile created by MAD Talks to tell the story of the CEO.

The profile includes a combination of past experiences, failures & successes and how they are a leader in the industry they are in.

For more information check the detailed pdf below and contact our office for more details.

Our main product capturing a lot of our combined offerings is our regular subscription service. Details to be provided separately.

MAD Studio
This is our full suite of products related to production and post-production.

Please click here for more information.

Licensing & Distribution
We produce and capture hundreds of hours of content. This is our specialist area and expertise.

Then we are digitizing, packaging, productizing and re-purposing it for specific client needs.

We can develop bespoke content packages for licensing in specialist areas.

For example, you need a 10 part series on experts talking about the future for your in-house channel or portal. We can provide it.

If you want 1-2-minute nuggets as a series on leadership and management issues for your app, we can provide it. We are you content company that can provide solutions.

Please contact [email protected] directly for more information.