Three Steps to Find a MADMentor

MADmentors can be an essential way to make a difference and impact early-stage startups – far more than most people understand. Their connections can open doors that would otherwise remain closed, and their experiences save entrepreneurs from making the same startup mistakes that have been made previously.

Mostly though, a MADMentor tests your thinking in the kinder, safer format of a chat and discussion. You are not judged and therefore your thinking is self-tested in a way that will not come through meetings with investors and prospective clients.

Here are three steps for finding the most experienced mentor to help bring your startup idea to the next level:

1. Recognise what makes a great mentor.
At MADTalks, we’ve found that the best mentors are those who ask a lot of tough questions and challenge you to exceed your goals. In doing so, they should share their own experiences and help you uncover new opportunities.
But the best mentors shouldn’t tell you exactly what to do.

2. Find a good fit.
A common mistake we’ve seen is going straight at the busiest, most well-known, most visible mentors. While this may work occasionally, it’s often more productive to analyse our community and look locally for mentors with relevant industry experience who you respect.

3. Maximise the mentor relationship.

Once you’ve established a connection, and there’s interest from both sides, it’s important to build a relationship over time. One way to do this is to check in regularly by email. Mentors should love to see your progress and take pride in knowing that their input has been helpful. Send a monthly email that reminds them of your past conversations and updates them on your progress, but remember to balance this with their time constraints. You want them to continue to mentor, not place you into the spam folder!

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