Everything has changed… Yet nothing has changed

Be transported by a magical tale of time travel….


The article starts off with introducing two children, twins Ali and Alia, digital natives of UAE. They are given an opportunity of a lifetime to travel to the future. Their parents providing them with a platform, foundation and opportunities for them to believe that they are able to do anything that they wish to achieve.


What an adventure….


Before they embarked, a wise sage gives them advice for their future. The first was that “the pillars on which the future will thrive are “trust, ethics, humanity, values and empathy”. Technology is important but always subservient to these core values and life principles”. The second piece of advice “ the basic core values and life principles for humans would define the future of the world and of Dubai being recognised as a hub of commerce and culture, where technology and other developments would be used to serve the emirate and nation”.

Throughout their time travel adventure, they learnt and experienced many wondrous things. After reuniting with their parents three decades later in 2050, at age 50, they sat down into the night with the wise sage and recollected and narrated their experiences. Some of the sites they had seen included seeing humans connected to up to 23 devices, robots handling blue collar jobs, so construction sites were human free, more than 50% of the energy sources were renewable and a universal vaccination is available for cancer. Human emotion and the values related to it were more valuable than all the changes they had seen.

Ali and Alia spent the entire night discussing all their experiences. The thought that passed both their minds is “Everything had changed … Yet nothing has changed”.

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