The core purpose and mission of MAD Talks is to “MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

We want to Make A Difference and be MAD in everything we do, in business and in life and serve humanity.

This is our “Massive Transformative Purpose” (MTP).

This is what we are all truly about.


We will reach and empower a billion people through our MAD Channel and MAD Talks platform.

We will do it through business story-telling and connect with all those people who are making a difference.

  • We are doing it through the transformative power of digital and the “intelligence” revolution.
  • We are doing it through projecting ourselves into the future, while engaging with today’s issues.
  • We are doing it through genuine innovation, empowering the youth & entrepreneurial thinking

MAD Talks is an integrated digital media and video storytelling platform.

We focus on building inspiring and meaningful content. The content, interviews, presentations stories are about

  • Entrepreneurship and its importance and impact for the future of the world
  • Youth & their issues, learning soft skills, engaging with building their future in a different way
  • Leadership and development issues. Preparing for a digital and technological world. The transition and transformation from where we are to where we want to be.


We put our heart and humanity at the center of the narrative. The authentic content is about everything that links our present to future success.

We believe that “What got us here – Wont get us there”! Prof Marshall Goldsmith’s famous book.

This is our inspiration. We are using it to build bridges, platforms and concepts to make us “Future Ready”

The Team

We have a small young specialized team, very ably supported by a network of experts and “best in class” partners and associates.

This makes our business model very powerful as we grow our partnership and franchise network regionally and globally.

Advisors & Angels

We have some amazing “angel investors” and partners who believe in our idea and mission.

They are great thought leaders, both regionally and globally.

This extensive “Advisory Board” is empowering our journey through their knowledge and networks and are supporting the ecosystem.

They come from all walks of life which reflects our diversity of content and delivering our mission.

They are the tapestry of talent and ideas which helps us excel, succeed and serve.

Future Leaders Board

This is a MAD Talks special initiative.

We have a “Future Leaders Board” where the average age will be below 25 years of age.

They will be the best minds globally who have a vision for the future.

They will challenge and reverse mentor the main board.

They will have a distinct voice in developing the strategy of MAD Talks for the future.

They will come from all walks of life. Astronomers, artists, scientists, students, mad entrepreneurs, and the most creative and courageous thinkers.

MAD Talks has built an amazing array of customers and partners.

From the highest levels of government and business and across all sectors.

We also have a plethora of start-ups, entrepreneurs and SME’s as our customers and contributors to the content.

All help to be part of the mosaic of our environment and help to connect the dots and make our mission and vision quite real and achievable.